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Coffee Bag

  • Coffee Bean Packaging Bags

    The function of kraft sealing bag
    Kraft self-sealing bag, also known as kraft zipper bag, kraft bone chain bag, its non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is currently the...
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  • Kraft Coffee Bag With Zipper

    Craftsmanship in kraft printing
    Kraft packaging bag printing can use flexo printing, gravure printing, offset printing, screen printing process, as long as the master of the printing technology essentials, familiar with printing ink and kraft printing suitability,...
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  • Matt Window Box Pouch With Zipper

    Ground coffee packaging
    Product requirements: water absorption, oxidation resistance, vacuum resistant products after the hard block, to keep the volatile coffee, easy to oxidize the aroma.Design structure: PET/PE/AL/PE, PA/VMPET/PE Reason for design: AL, PA and VMPET...
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  • Coffee Kraft Box Pouch Bag Packaging

    The packaging color
    The color of coffee packaging also has certain rules. According to the conventions formed in the industry, the color of finished coffee packaging reflects the characteristics of coffee to a certain extent:
    The coffee in red package is...
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  • Gusset Coffee Packaging Bags

    One-way valve packaging: Adding a one-way valve to the bag allows the carbon dioxide to be removed but prevents the outside gas from entering, ensuring that the coffee beans are not oxidized but not the aroma.Such packaging can be stored for up to six months.There are also...
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  • Aluminum Foil Coffee Packaging

    Different kinds of coffee packaging materials are not the same, generally raw beans export packaging materials are simple is the ordinary sack material.Instant coffee packaging also has no special material requirements, basically using general food packaging materials.The...
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