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Coffee Package Bag With Valve

In a more general way, this valve can only go out. When the coffee beans are roasted, they will produce carbon dioxide and other gases, which need to be discharged slowly.The one-way exhaust valve is encapsulated on the top of the coffee bag and holes are punched in the surface of the bag where the one-way valve is located. The carbon dioxide from the roasted coffee beans can be automatically discharged out of the bag, but the air outside cannot enter the bag.It effectively ensures that the coffee beans are dry, mellow and original, and will not be opened up by the accumulation of carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, it also prevents the coffee beans from being oxidized by the external air.
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Details of Products:


coffee package bag with valve



Material Structure:

PET/AL/PE --0.12mm



Carton size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:






Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.055



Cylinder cost:

USD 85/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 1,400,000/pcs


Protective requirements for coffee

Loading, unloading, and handling -- since the packing parts are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes, generally, the longer the process, the more transit links, the more loading, unloading, and handling times.When designing the packaging and decoration of corrugated cardboard boxes, if the packaging pieces are marked with moving signs, smooth surfaces, reasonable hand holes or handles, necessary strapping bands, and the package weight and external size in line with human factors, rough handling can be effectively reduced.

Transportation -- vehicles, trains, ships and planes are used for long-distance transportation, while forklifts, battery trailers and trolleys are used for short-distance transportation.This design selects the long-distance transportation vehicle.Causes of damage to the packing of goods in the transport process are: shock.The starting, shifting, steering, and braking of the vehicle cause the cargo to change speed.

Packaging shock mainly occurs in the process of loading and unloading operations and transportation, which can be divided into horizontal impact and vertical impact.Vertical impact is mainly caused by handling, loading and unloading, and dropping when lifting.Horizontal impact mainly occurs when the transport vehicle is traveling on the rough road , when the vehicle suddenly starts or stops, when the aircraft lands, and when the ship comes to shore.

Climatic conditions.Long distance transport of goods has to experience different climatic regions, which are affected by cold, hot, dry, wet, wind and rain and other climatic factors.Improper packaging structure, improper material selection, and loose sealing of the goods will lead to deterioration or damage of the contents.

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