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  • Stand Up Zipper Pouch For Food

    The bag making of compound bag Composite flexible packaging materials must be made into various packaging bags before they can be used.There are two ways to make bags. One is that the packaging manufacturer USES the film roll to fill the automatic packaging machine and forms...
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  • Flexible Food Packaging Bag

    Definition of composite bag:
    Composite packaging is a combination of two or more materials through one or more dry composite processes, thus forming a composite packaging with certain functions.It can be divided into basic layer, functional layer and thermal seal...
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  • Plastic Bags For Rice Packaging

    Food packaging bags can be divided into:
    General food packaging bag, vacuum food packaging bag, inflatable food packaging bag, water boiled food packaging bag, steamed food packaging bag and functional food packaging bag.
    When it comes to food safety, food...
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  • Stand up Pouch

    To get an idea of the quality of our Stand Up Pouches, don't hesitate to request a free sample. We are willing to give you a free stand up pouch because we know you'll be impressed. We believe in our product, and we know you believe in yours too. You want the best...
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  • Food Grade Plastic Packaging Bags

    Packaging Offering high moisture and Oxygen barrier films (Metallized, Foil, Saran), Matte finish, Multi-layer films. Custom size, design & structure. Pre-formed bottom gusset, back seal, quad seal, Reclosable zipper, rollstock. The function of food packaging bags...
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  • Food Packaging Bag with Logo

    Each type of indoor food product will require the correct combination of film to protect the contents. The types of film used for stand bags are extensive. Foil, Mylar, metalized film, even crystal clear structures are joined together to create stand up bags, and the wide...
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  • Aluminum Foil Plastic Food Bag

    We produce packaging’s that are inclusive of windows thus enhancing product visibility. Materials used in the production of food packaging ensure that packagings are durable enough for the packaging of different pet food textures.Plastic pouch produces reliable, safe and cost...
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  • Food Grade Stand up Ziplock Pouch

    Snack foods is a tremendously innovative market, where companies are continually looking for unique products to stand out on the shelf. Whether it's nuts, pretzels, chips, popcorn, or any other tempting snack,KUAYUE printing offers a range of products to support you...
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  • Rice Plastic Bags

    The block bottom bag (also referred to as “flat bottom bag”) is the next evolution in packaging. Utilizing all of the best features of the stand-up pouch and quad seal bag, the block bottom bag is unique in that, it gives you 360 degrees of real estate for printing your...
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  • Fast Food Packaging Bag

    Flat Bag:This style of bag doesn't expand as much as side or bottom gusset bags. Flat bags are ideal for small, lightweight items such as cookies, pretzels, chips, or candy. Vacuum bag technology overview Vacuum bag is the main function of oxygen in order to prevent food...
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  • Plastic Food Bags

    We produce packaging that has high barrier properties, ensuring product freshness thus enhancing the shelf life o food packaging. We produce different size, colors and bags styles for your food packaging, bags can be customised to companies preference . Vacuum bag technology...
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  • Coffee Food Packaging Bags

    Effective food packaging produced is advantageous because it; Protects different foods throughout the distribution process. Includes metalized layers which enhances shelf life of products , hence preventing product spoilage. note: vacuum packaging cannot inhibit the...
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