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Dry Fruit Packaging Design

In today's life, corporate image and corporate culture are both a potential value of enterprises.The combination of food packaging bags and corporate image can enhance the popularity and expand the influence of enterprises, such as Coca Cola.
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Details of Products:


dry fruit packaging design



Material Structure:

PET/PE -- 0.1mm



Carton size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



Red dates, Sweet dates



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.13



Cylinder cost:

USD 112/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 1,025,000/pcs



Soft plastic food packaging bags

Soft plastic packaging material refers to plastic flexible (bending) packaging materials, the main body is plastic film.Therefore, in a complete sense, it refers to the single plastic film, plastic and plastic composite film, or plastic as the main body, including paper or aluminum foil other flexible materials.

Plastic film refers to a flexible material with a very small thickness, which is generally less than 0.03mm.There are many kinds of plastic film, the plastic used for food packaging is polyethylene (PE) film, polypropylene (PP) film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, polyester (PET) film, etc.

Low density polyethylene (ldpe) films, usually produced by free radical polymerization at high temperature and pressure, produce many branched chains on the molecular chain as a result of the chain transfer reaction in the reaction process.These branches interfere with the neat arrangement of the molecular chains, so they are less dense.It can be heat-sealed, stable, tasteless, and shrink when heated.Good moisture resistance, but good air permeability.Sensitive to oil, easily permeate bad smell.It is widely used because it is cheaper than most thin films.

High density polyethylene film (HDPE)

Higher density polyethylene film, lower density polyethylene film is stronger, thicker, more fragile, less flexible, less permeable to gas and water.High density polyethylene film has high softening temperature and can be directly heated to sterilize.The bag made of 0.03~ 0.15mm high density polyethylene film has high tear strength, good puncture resistance and thermal seal.

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