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The beauty of the packaging bag is complementary to its value.It can be said that the pursuit of beauty is human nature.So, the beautiful appearance of the packaging can no doubt attract people's attention, let people enjoy.
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Details of Products:


kraft paper stand up pouches



Material Structure:

MOPP/Kraft paper/VMPET/PE --0.21mm



Carton   size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:






Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.2



Cylinder cost:

USD 110/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 315,000/pcs



Cardboard processing.Due to the loose, porous and large volume of unpolished kraft paper, it is easy to produce dust during the processing of paperboard.Based on practical experience, the following methods can be adopted to reduce dust:

(1) check and maintain the vacuum system before work, and the air pump should be ready before work.Bellows vacuum suckers are most effective for kraft paper.In order to guarantee the quality of the suction and ensure the vacuum sucker is in the best condition, necessary adjustments should be made to achieve the best operating condition.

(2) improve the smoothness of the surface of kraft paper as much as possible. Due to the structure of kraft paper plate, the loose and porous structure of kraft paper makes the surface smoothness lower than SBS paper and ordinary printing paper, making the smoothness of kraft paper plate cannot be compared with bleached paper of the same quality.Many food manufacturers, however, prefer the rough look and feel of kraft sheets because of their developed taste.For example, the textured and fibrous texture of kraft paper, which gives it a rough look and texture, is loved by manufacturers.The smoothness of kraft paper depends on the manufacturer, who provides a range of different smoothness, but the printer must grasp the surface characteristics of the paper to ensure printing quality.If you need a slightly more smooth substrate, consider adding a layer of paper, film and metal foil are very helpful, pressure can also improve the smoothness of the paper board.In addition, today, kraft paper manufacturers are also gradually improve the smoothness of kraft.

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