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Because of the large vacuum in the vacuum packaging, the packaging material tightly wraps the rice, and the ends of the rice are pointed. The packaging bag is easy to be punctured by rice grains, forming pinholes.The test shows that the rice packing bag with a vacuum-vacuum degree of -0.094mpa is statically placed without stacking, and the leakage rate of the packing bag is 16% within 20 days. Therefore, high vacuum degree inevitably leads to high bag breaking rate.In addition, the friction, collision and drop between bags in circulation can easily cause broken bags.According to statistics, the broken bag rate of vacuum packaging in circulation is up to 30%.The waste of rice caused by the problem of vacuum packaging has brought loss and trouble to both consumers and businesses.Therefore, it is very important to find out the optimal control condition of rice vacuum packaging.
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Details of Products:


Cheap rice bag



Material Structure:

PA/PE -- 0.14mm



Carton   size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



Cloudy rice, Sorghum rice



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.13



Cylinder cost:

USD 75/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 480,000/pcs



The success of any brand, good quality is the key in the industry of rice, often adulterated, the abuse of additives and other chemical phenomena;Lack of weight is even more common.Not long ago, there were some local malfeasance to produce and sell the poisonous rice mixed with industrial oil.This has angered the public, lawbreakers are due to be severely punished, the various bad behavior within the industry has been effectively controlled.Accordingly, some manufacturers of good quality were praised, and the state gave them the title of "relieved rice".

In recent years, the production and processing technology of this industry has been greatly improved, and the quality control of products has also made great progress.However, the definition of quality is more and more extensive. It no longer refers to the rice itself, but also involves its packaging quality and service quality.And these, the great majority rice processing enterprise has not done well.For example, some large rice processing enterprises, on the small packaging, their product packaging design is very good, packaging materials have also been improved, many use plastic bags or nylon bags, so that consumers can see the rice inside, promoting sales.However, the production technology of domestic plastic bags or nylon bags is not very good. After the products are stored at the selling point for a period of time, due to wear and tear, the packaging is often discolored and the sealing is often broken.Moreover, the majority of rice production enterprises in the after-sales service do not have a position.Such problems have greatly affected the image of these enterprises.However, we have learned that many rice production enterprises are carrying out ISO quality certification to improve these problems and to be in line with international standards.They have realized: without good quality, there will be no good brand.

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