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Food Safe Plastic Bags For Rice

The selection of raw and auxiliary materials of food packaging materials, the structural design of packaging materials, the processing of packaging materials and the packaging marking all directly affect the safety of the packaged food.One of the best rice packaging materials, PA film, is used to package the rice in vacuum.Because PA (polyamide) has strong gas resistance, strong and tough wear resistance, good cold and heat resistance, excellent puncture resistance, non-toxic materials, in line with the requirements of food packaging on hygiene safety.
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Details of Products:


food safe plastic bags for rice



Material Structure:

MOPP/Paper/PE -- 0.165mm



Carton   size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



Plain white rice



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.09



Cylinder cost:

USD 85/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 880,000/pcs


What kinds of rice packaging are there?

There are three main types of rice packaging on the market at present:

(1) ordinary packaging: the plastic woven bag of polypropylene and other materials is used for packaging the rice with stitching seal.No fresh-keeping technology is used in the packaging process. This packaging method has relatively poor effect on the pest, mildew and fresh-keeping of rice, and usually can only play a role in accommodating grain.However, the plastic woven bag has strong tensile strength, and it can be used for rice whose packing weight is more than 5kg and whose shelf life is about 3 months.

(2) vacuum packaging: the use of vacuum packaging can reduce the oxygen concentration in the storage environment, inhibit the respiration intensity of rice and the propagation of mold, prevent rice from aging, mildew and pests, and better maintain the quality of rice.At present, the vacuum degree selected for rice vacuum packaging is generally between -0.07 and -0.09kpa.Because of the large vacuum degree, the packaging material tightly wraps the rice, and the rice ends are pointed, the packaging bag is easy to be broken by the rice grains, leading to the vacuum packaging failure.The friction collision and drop between the bag and the bag in circulation can easily cause the broken bag.Therefore, it is necessary to combine the fresh-keeping packaging with the circulation environment so as to achieve good results.

(3) gas-filled packaging: the gas-filled packaging is filled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which are colorless, odorless and non-toxic gases with relatively stable chemical properties.Rice has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide to form a protective layer, which makes the rice in the state of "sleep", so that the total fatty acid, reducing sugar and viscosity change relatively little, and extends the effective shelf life.Nitrogen filling reduces the concentration of oxygen in the storage environment and inhibits the growth of microorganisms in rice.Most studies have shown that the air-filled packaging can effectively maintain the quality of rice and prevent mildew and pests of rice.

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