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Why is vacuum rice packing easy to store Believe that many people have such a feeling: on the question of whether rice safety, we tend to focus on the rice, and over the use of rice packaging is what material, whether accord with national health standards, a lot of people don't care, and most people don't know what kind of packaging to meet health and safety standards.In fact, if the rice package is not 0K, even if the rice itself is blind, the rice will also be contaminated.So, what is safe rice packaging?
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Details of Products:


rice bag at best price



Material Structure:

PA/PE -- 0.14mm



Carton   size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



Sticky rice



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.14



Cylinder cost:

USD 93/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 620,000/pcs


The existing vacuum packaging technology has some problems.Because of the shape of the rice itself and the selection of vacuum is not appropriate.The packing bag is easily punctured by rice grains.To form pinholes.Caused vacuum packaging failure, even packaging bag leakage.Enterprises to avoid vacuum packaging failure.Generally use the method of thickening packing material.The thickness of packaging materials can effectively avoid the leakage problem of rice vacuum packaging, but it increases the cost of packaging, so the sales of rice packaging depends on the shelf time of rice.Combined with the circulation environment of rice, the best vacuum degree of rice vacuum packaging can be found, which can not only maintain the quality of rice in shelf life, but also prevent the failure and leakage of rice vacuum packaging in circulation process.According to the research, vacuum packaging is a good choice for rice preservation in the rice sales stage, in which the vacuum bag can keep fresh from -0.06 to -0.09mm. In other conditions, the higher the vacuum degree, the better the preservation effect.However, for rice with high vacuum packaging, the piercing effect of the two ends of the compressed rice on the packaging material will increase if the thickness of the packaging material is not enough, which will cause broken bags and affect the packaging effect. Therefore, the determination of vacuum bag should refer to the characteristics of the packaging material used.Secondly, the determination of storage environment condition and time.Under the same condition of vacuum bag, the low temperature storage rice preservation effect is the best.Cold storage in the refrigerator is a common cold storage environment in daily life. In hot and humid summer, rice can be stored in the cold storage room.The quality of rice storage is greatly affected by storage time. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy a lot of rice at one time.It is better to spend the amount of each purchase within two weeks.Small rice packaging, so that consumers can be consumed in the short term, is the development trend of rice sales packaging.

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