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The packaging design of rice products is delicate.The design of the outer package of food is quite important, and the rice product is more and more, want to let consumer see you at once, depend on the package.What's more, a well-packed product can often fetch a good price.But for many rice products, the packaging design is very simple.Just add a brand name in the rice packaging, and the address and phone number are gone.In fact, the investment in this aspect is not much, and can be a greater return, why not?
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Details of Products:


rice bag with handle



Material Structure:

PET/PA/VMPET/PE -- 0.17mm



Carton size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



Yellow rice



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.4



Cylinder cost:

USD 155+60/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 300,000/pcs



Nature of rice

The main nutrient component of rice is starch (about 85%), which mainly supplies people with energy.The energy absorbed per gram of rice is about 15.5 kilojoules per gram, higher than that of wheat (13.6 kilojoules) and corn (14.5 kilojoules).Rice also contains about 7% crude protein, which is lower than wheat and corn (about 10%), but the effective protein content in human body is similar (about 5.5%).Lysine content (3.8g /16gN) was 65 per cent higher than wheat and 52 per cent higher than corn.Rice also contains a small amount of fat, crude fiber and ash.

Because the endosperm is directly exposed to the air, the rice can easily deteriorate under the influence of humidity, heat and insects, which affects the appearance and taste of the rice.The storage of rice is a major problem in the field of food storage.Safe storage, preventing mildew and slow quality deterioration are the important contents of rice storage.At present, China's rice storage mainly USES air regulation, low temperature, mechanical ventilation and vacuum packaging methods.With the improvement of people's living standard, the majority of consumers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of rice. It is the method of rice storage to improve the technical level of rice storage, extend the safe storage period, keep the quality of fresh rice and reduce the cost.

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