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Rice Packaging Bag

Rice Vacuum Bag

Vacuum packaging Vacuum packaging is a packaging method to put the product into a gas-tight packaging container, remove the air from the inside of the container, and achieve the predetermined vacuum degree in the sealed container. Then, the packaging is sealed, leaving no living conditions for microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh and disease-free fruit.
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Details of Products:


Rice vacuum bag



Material Structure:

PA/PE --0.13mm



Carton size:


Sealing & Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



West rice



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.06



Cylinder cost:

USD 95/color

Quantity/ 20'FCL:

Around 1,400,000/pcs


Vacuum packaging technology: the storage of rice has better fresh-keeping effect, but the shape of the rice itself and the selection of vacuum bag are not appropriate. Currently, the vacuum degree of rice vacuum packaging is generally between -0.07 and 0.09kPa. As long as the vacuum degree is in this country, it is qualified for delivery.Due to the large vacuum degree, the packaging materials tightly wrap the rice. As the two ends of the rice are pointed, the packaging bag is easily broken by the rice grain, forming a pinhole. In this way, the packaging bag will leak air, resulting in the vacuum packaging failure.Experiments showed that rice packaging bags with a suction vacuum of 0.094mpa were placed at rest, with a leakage rate of 16% within 20 days. Therefore, high vacuum would inevitably lead to high bag breaking rate.In addition, the friction, exchange and falling of the same bag and bag in circulation also easily caused the broken bag.According to statistics, the broken bag rate of vacuum packaging in circulation is up to 30%.The problem of vacuum packaging leads to waste of rice, which brings losses and trouble to both consumers and businesses.So at the same time in the modified atmosphere packaging of rice and circulation environment, thus can achieve good effect.

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