Environmental issues related to packaging bags
Nov 19, 2018

If you want to ask what is the most controversial issue in the field of food packaging these days, the answer must surely be "unlocking disposable foam cutlery".Setting aside all the big debates surrounding the event, it is clear that the underlying problem of the incident is that green attitudes have taken hold in the new environment.

After years of exposure, publicity and education, expectations in the food packaging sector have never been higher.This is no longer a cost - only era, safety, environmental protection has become the first choice standards.And this is the trend under the green packaging wave.

According to statistics, China's packaging market sales reached 90 trillion us dollars in 2011.There is no doubt that China is now the largest packaging market in Asia. It is expected that the packaging market in China will grow at a fast speed of 9.8% per year from 2011 to 2016, and the growth rate will be far higher than other Asian countries.Obviously, China's packaging industry as a whole also began to enter the industrial upgrading stage.The rapid development of the industry has correspondingly promoted the improvement of the industry requirements.

In the past 10 years, green or sustainable packaging has become a hot topic in the packaging industry.The global green packaging market was worth nearly $109 billion last year and is expected to approach $178 billion by 2018, according to a new U.S. market research report.Packaging industry has changed from the previous focus on the practical products to focus on safety, hygiene and easy recycling and reuse of environmental requirements.Advocate green packaging, light packaging, moderate packaging has become more and more strategic development of the packaging industry.

Driven by the demands of retailers, public awareness, economic pressures (especially oil products) and government policies, the green concept has permeated every aspect of packaging, from the source of raw materials to the processing process, to the final treatment of products, and eventually evolved into a very complex issue.

The formulation of laws and regulations in the field of plastic packaging, especially in the field of food packaging, is a move that the current government should undertake and perfect. It is difficult to achieve the desired effect by relying on the enterprise consciousness and consumer complaints. Therefore, it must rely on the government's enforcement to make the industry develop towards a safer, more environmentally friendly and more economical direction.

As an enterprise, biodegradable material has become a highlight in the field of packaging in the source of raw materials.Although petroleum based plastics cannot be completely replaced, the application rate is increasing year by year with the encouragement of national policies and the promotion of enterprises.As packing material, especially food packing material, safety is the most basic principle that should be abided by.How to avoid food contamination such as plasticizer and metal elements while ensuring product performance is a problem that must be solved for enterprises to survive and develop.Thirdly, as a member of the society, the enterprise must shoulder the corresponding social responsibility, pay attention to the packaging waste treatment and the resource recycling and reuse work, and realize the sustainable development requirement.

The 12th five-year plan (2011-2015) is a critical period for the rapid development of the plastic packaging industry. However, the development of the plastics industry has been greatly affected by overcapacity and low-level and repetitive construction.The packaging industry should shift from relying solely on volume growth and expanding production capacity development to relying on scientific and technological innovation, technological progress and optimization and adjustment of structure, so as to achieve green, sustainable and sustainable development of plastic packaging.

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