Flexible packaging commonly used plastic film processing methods
Feb 11, 2019

Flexible packaging commonly used film for the general plastic film, supplemented by paper, aluminum foil and other materials.According to the definition in GB/T2035 -- 1996 national standard, plastic film refers to smooth and soft plastic products with thickness less than 0.25mm.

Common processing methods are:

1, extrusion flow method, refers to the plastic in the extruder through heating, pressure and so that the material flow state through the machine head die, flow on the metal bin cooling, and then by other appropriate treatment and made into film.

The film produced by the cast method is called cast film, with C as the prefix.

2, blow molding, blow molding is the plastic raw materials in the extruder heating melting plasticization.Through the tubular annular head, cylindrical thick film extrusion.In addition.The thick film is blown in the direction of diameter by the compressed air blowing from the core of the mandrel to become a round tubular film. After cooling, it is pulled and rolled on the drum to form a finished product.

3, bi-directional tensile method, the plastic film material at the glass temperature, melting temperature below the temperature range for molecular orientation process, called tensile process.Stretch in one direction, usually for the longitudinal stretch, called unidirectional stretch, made of film called unidirectional stretch film, stretch in both directions of the bidirectional stretch, made of film called bidirectional stretch film.

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