Food packaging bag safety certification
Nov 07, 2018

Many friends can often see food safety labels on food packages, but they may not be aware of what they mean.Today we're going to show you a little bit about what these signs mean.

1. China's basic food certification: QS certification


The full title of QS certification is enterprise food production license, which is a basic certification in China. The law stipulates that food products must pass QS certification before they can be sold out of the factory in China. Therefore, QS certification inspection is a mandatory inspection.QS certification is required for all processed products (excluding products sold on the spot and processed at the primary level).

2. KOSHER certification: jewish certification


Kosher means kosher, clean, edible, and generally refers to products related to the jewish diet.Judaism advocates a clean diet, so jewish certification is the equivalent of labeling food as clean.Edible regulations: no pork, horse, ostrich, emu, fish without gills and scales, mollusks, crustaceans and blood shall be eaten separately.

3. HALAL certification: HALAL certification


HALAL certification meets muslin's requirements for food, which are recognized in many countries as edible: food is allowed except for the qur 'an and those prohibited by the explicit teachings, but animals must be slaughtered in accordance with sharia law.

4. FSSC22000 certification


FSSC22000 certification is food safety system certification. It was first developed by Dutch foundation food safety certification and supported by eu food and beverage industry alliance. Now it has been approved and promoted by global food safety initiative.The FSSC 22,000 certification has been recognized globally, and the products that receive this certification have established a comprehensive management system that complies with industry regulations on food safety and covers all processes in the food supply chain.

5. BRC certification


The BRC certification, developed by the British retail consortium (BRC), an important international trade association, to assess the safety of branded foods, has become an internationally recognised food standard and is being used by other industries.BRC certification has been widely recognized internationally, most notably by the global food safety initiative (GFSI), which has only endorsed four certification standards, including BRC certification.

6. FDA certification


FDA certification is FDA certification.The FDA is an executive body of scientific management established by the U.S. government.The significance of FDA certification is very significant. It is regulated by the federal government of the United States, which represents the door of food safety in the United States and is closely related to people's life.So getting FDA approval means getting food safety approval from the U.S. government for this product.

Zhejiang Kuayue Printing packaging has passed QS, FDA and BRC certification. Generally, it can pass QS certification in China. If it wants to export, it must pass FDA certification if it wants to export to the United States.To learn more about custom packaging, see below!

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