Gravure printing of packaging bags
Nov 15, 2018

What is the intaglio printing of composite packaging bags?

Abbreviation for gravure gravure printing industry, gravure is one of the four ways of printing, was named for printing plate, namely all print pattern and text, is the dents on the print, when printing to print on the excess ink (not on the surface of the printing ink) scrape, and then through the embossing roller to print properly I was printed on the packing bag of between pressure, the ink from the concave in extrusion on the packing bag, and reach the purpose of printing a way of printing.

What are the characteristics of the gravure printing of plastic packaging bags?

1. The inking amount of trichosanthes is determined by the depth of the indent in the graphic and text part of the curved printing plate.

2. Gravure inking method is that the printing plate cylinder is directly immersed in the ink tank to receive ink, or ink by the ink roller coated on the printing plate cylinder, which saves a lot of ink roller and ink quantity adjustment device;

3. The ink transfer of gravure printing is larger than offset printing and flexographic printing, so the ink layer of the product is thick and strong in three dimensions;

4. Gravure printing is mostly rotary printing with fast speed and strong ability;

5. The range of gravure printing materials is wide, and it has good adaptability to materials that are easy to extend and deform, such as plastic packaging bags and composites;

6. Gravure printing is done with highly drying ink and non-absorbent plastic packaging film.

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