In 2017, the annual total output value of Chinese printing enterprises exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan
Oct 25, 2018

In 2017, the annual total output value of Chinese printing enterprises exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan


2018 world printing and communication BBS and Chinese printing BBS kick off in Shanghai on oct 23, 2018. At the meeting, liu xiaokai, director of the department of printing and distribution made a keynote speech entitled "adhering to opening up and innovation to add new impetus to the common development of printing industry".



We will continue to open up and create new impetus for the common development of printing industry

-- speech on the 2018 world printing and communication BBS and China printing BBS

Liu Xiaokai


(October 23, 2018)


Distinguished chairman Michael mackinnon, distinguished chairman wang yan bin, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends,

Good morning!

In this beautiful season of autumn and October, colleagues from various countries in the printing industry gather in Shanghai to attend the 2018 world printing and communication BBS and China printing BBS.After the successful holding of the 7th world printing conference in Beijing in 2001, BBS returned to the hometown of printing and the birthplace of paper industry.Here, on behalf of the printing and distribution division of the former state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the guests present at the conference.Let us join together to promote this BBS to achieve good results.

BBS is an important trade organization of the global printing industry. China printing technology association has been approved to be a founding member on behalf of the Chinese government.Over the years, the world printing and communication company BBS has closely linked the printing industry of various countries, followed the situation, understood the situation, promoted exchanges and mutual trust, promoted dialogue and cooperation, and its international influence and industry awareness have been expanding day by day. It has become an important force to promote the global printing industry consultation and collaboration, sharing and win-win, and innovative development.

China is a country that invented printing. The three milestones witnessed the development of China's printing culture over a thousand years.During the sui and tang dynasty, woodblock printing flourished.In the northern song dynasty, bi sheng invented the clay movable type printing, which was vividly recorded in the great scientist shen kuo's "mengxi pen talk" in the song dynasty. Subsequently, printing spread to east Asia, the Middle East and Europe, promoting the inheritance of human civilization and the exchange, interaction and development of eastern and western cultures.In the 1970s and 1990s, wang xuan, a professor at Peking University, successfully developed Chinese character information processing technology after 18 years of painstaking efforts.These three milestones are historic contributions made by the Chinese nation to the development of human society and civilization.This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up.Over the past 40 years, the communist party of China has led the Chinese people to overcome difficulties, break new ground, and make great achievements in promoting socialism with Chinese characteristics.A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, an industry can reflect the transmutation of a country.China's printing industry is an important historical witness of China's 40 years of reform and opening-up.I would like to take this opportunity to brief you on the reform and development of China's printing industry and the deepening of cooperation in the global printing industry.


1. After 40 years of reform and opening-up, Chinese printers have written a new chapter in industrial development


In 1978, marked by the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee of the communist party of China (CPC), China started the historical process of reform and opening-up.Over the past 40 years, China's printing industry has seized opportunities, stepped forward, overcome difficulties and forged ahead, and achieved sustained, healthy and rapid development.Especially since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, along with the new trend of China's economic, political and cultural development, China's printing industry has unswervingly implemented the new concept of development, pushed forward "quality change, efficiency change and power change" despite all difficulties, and achieved profound structural change, capacity change and governance reform.


(1) China's printing industry has undergone tremendous changes.

President xi jinping pointed out that " the great history of 40 years of reform and opening-up proves that reform and opening-up is a key move to determine the fate of contemporary China".Since the end of 1970s, under the strong leadership of the communist party of China and the Chinese government, several generations of Chinese printers have been devoted to the construction and development, pushing China's printing industry from shortage to abundance, from backwardness to advanced, and gradually developing into a world printing power in aggregate.First, the scale of output value continues to expand.In 2017, there were nearly 100,000 printing companies in China, nine times as many as in 1979.The annual output value exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan, nearly 250 times that of 1979, with an average annual growth rate of 15.7%, which created the growth miracle of international printing industry.Second, the level of productivity has been greatly improved.In the past 40 years, China's printing industry has gone from print to green, digital, networked and automated production and processing.In 2017, the per capita processing output value of the whole industry was 428,000 yuan, 73 times that of 1979, and already nearly half the level of developed countries.Third, the industrial structure is constantly optimized.Market concentration increased year by year. In 2017, there were 3,723 large enterprises with output value of more than 50 million yuan.Market vitality effectively burst, new printing enterprises set up more than 4000;The product categories are relatively complete, which can better meet the cultural needs of the people and the rapid development of the market economy.


 (2)China's printing industry has taken a distinctive path of development. President xi jinping once pointed out that "only by looking back at the road we have traveled, comparing others' paths, and overlooking the road we have traveled, and figuring out where we have come from and where we are going, can many problems be seen deeply and accurately".Made in 1983, the central committee of the communist party of China and the state council on strengthening the decision of the published work ", put forward to implement the spirit of reform, innovation of composition, in a planned way technical transformation and system reform of the printing industry, since then, China's printing industry based of the actual, play is the innovative spirit, after decades of exploration, initially formed a printing development road with Chinese characteristics.First, we should improve our technological level through self-reliance and promote win-win development through external cooperation.For many years, at the national level, we have been increasing investment in technology research and development, upgrading and upgrading, and equipment introduction, in order to fully promote the development of printing machinery.At present, the total output value of Chinese seal machine industry has exceeded 50 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the world.In recent years, under the background of severe economic development and urgent task of structural adjustment, the printing machine industry still shows a good development trend, especially since 2017, the market of printing equipment and equipment has recovered significantly.At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of gatt, the state has lowered tariffs on imported printing equipment, unified and standardized the entry standards and thresholds for foreign capital, and continuously improved the level of opening-up.Second, we should not only adhere to the socialist system, but also vigorously develop and improve the printing market system.We will adhere to the CPC's leadership over the development of the printing industry, implement the responsibility system for ideological work, ensure national cultural security, and ensure the correct direction of industrial development.At the same time, we will improve the laws and regulations governing the industry, deepen the reform of the "open regulation system", establish a market system under the rule of law, and foster and expand the printing market.Third, we should give full play to the role of market mechanisms and strengthen macro guidance.Chinese printing enterprises are diversified, more than 95% are private enterprises, and the market plays a decisive role in resource allocation.The state-owned Indian enterprises play a leading role in the construction of national cultural security, political orientation and basic public cultural service system.We will guide the sustained and healthy development of the industry by formulating a five-year plan for industrial development and giving play to its strategic guiding role.The development course of China's printing industry, proved an old saying goes, all roads lead to Rome, the printing is not only one road towards modernization, from our perspective, the key is to grasp the direction, for bearing, based on the life cycle of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, on the people's growing cultural needs and learn from nutrition, increase the power, make up the short board, seek development.


 (3) China's printing industry has achieved a series of far-reaching major breakthroughs. Over the past 40 years, the printing industry in China has adhered to the spirit of reform and innovation, dared to be the first in the world, dared to bite on hard bones, and dared to wade across dangerous land.One is that institutional change has unleashed huge creative forces in the industry.The reform from "planned economy" to "market economy" has aroused people's enthusiasm and initiative to participate in the construction and development of printing industry.In Shanghai as the core of the Yangtze river delta region, emerged a large number of excellent printing entrepreneurs, some of them used to be the village committee director, some used to be teachers, some used to be a civil servants, in the printing industry good development situation), with industry preferential policy support, they are starting from scratch, industrious and entrepreneurship, hard work, build a batch of scale and competitive power of enterprise group.In other parts of China, a large number of talented people have also grown up.We are proud of the printing industry in China, as well as the outstanding entrepreneurs.Second, technological innovation provides an inexhaustible driving force for development.In the 1980s, under the inspiration of wang xuan's spirit, the innovative printing technology marked by Chinese character information processing and Chinese character laser phototypesetting promoted the digitization process of Chinese character processing and made Chinese printing technology integrate with the world information technology.Third, opening-up has provided important support for development.Over the past 40 years, industrial investment in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries has brought advanced concepts, talents, technologies and techniques to China's printing industry. Chinese printers have gradually improved their international vision and accumulated rich experience in international operation, which has greatly promoted the technological progress and industrial upgrading of China's printing industry.


 (4)China's printing industry has promoted the adjustment and optimization of the global printing pattern. Over the past 40 years, China's printing industry has been open to the world with an open mind, open to the future with an open mind, inclusive and actively integrated into the global printing industry, and promoted the positive development of the global printing industry.First, promote the flow of capital, personnel, technology and other elements in the global printing industry.China has attracted dozens of countries from all over the world to set up factories in China. By December 2017, there were nearly 2,000 foreign-invested enterprises with a total investment of over 40 billion us dollars.At the same time, China has increased its investment in printing industry in relevant countries in the world, and its footprint has spread to relevant countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.Second, promote the deep integration of the global printing equipment manufacturing industry.China has become one of the important overseas markets for many international equipment manufacturers by constantly lowering the tariffs on printing equipment.In 2017, China's imports of printing equipment and equipment reached us $2.37 billion, up 16.5% year-on-year, maintaining strong purchasing power for high-end printing equipment.Manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other countries come to China to invest and build factories or cooperate with Chinese enterprises.Heidelberg, komori, HP, martini and other companies have achieved good results in China.China's printing equipment manufacturers gradually develop and strengthen their ability to serve the international market.Third, promote the global printing industry to form a new international division of labor.China's printing industry itself has the tradition of excellence and innovative spirit, sticky traits, such as characteristics, booster industry greatly expand the service functions, have deep integration into the global printing processing industrial chain, for the international community should provide the printing and packaging services, more than 50 countries and even in creating a culture of the host countries service forms, in 2017, China's printing industry foreign processing trade volume has reached 84.2 billion yuan.



2. Hold printing industry development new orientation new coordinate, seek new leap in industry change


At present, the world economy is undergoing a new round of reform and adjustment, with the upgrading of demand, technological progress and institutional innovation driving the development of the global printing industry in a new direction.However, there are still many unstable and uncertain development environments and factors facing the printing industry, especially the inflection point in the macro-economic development of the world economy, the continuous upgrading of trade protection, the challenges of the international economic recovery, and the accelerating pace of the development of informatization, etc., which make the development of the printing industry full of both opportunities and challenges.Over the past 40 years, the Chinese government has attached great importance to the printing industry, improved laws and regulations, innovated the management system, created an orderly environment and promoted the flow of elements, thus enabling the printing industry to achieve new evolution and development in the macro situation reform.Looking into the future, we firmly believe that as long as we seize new directions and opportunities, the printing industry will achieve new progress and development.



(1) The new window period of printing industry in China may bring new opportunities for printing industry development.

In the past 40 years, China's printing industry has experienced two precious "window periods" of development.The first time was in the early ten years of reform and opening up, macro development trend and industrial pattern adjustment for the printing industry laid the foundation and established categories.From 1979 to 1989, the annual growth rate of the total output value of China's printing industry exceeded 16%, the number of enterprises increased from 11,000 to 59,000, the publication cycle of books and periodicals shortened from 300 days to 135 days, and various types of packaging and packaging technology began to spread.The second time was in the mid and late 1990s and more than a decade before the outbreak of the international financial crisis. New technologies, new business forms, new demands and new integration promoted the printing industry to penetrate various industries and extend the industrial chain.From 1995 to 2008, the annual growth rate of the total output value of China's printing industry exceeded 24 percent, which was consistent with the growth trajectory of the national economy, various industries and foreign trade, and better met the spiritual and cultural needs of the people.Overall, China's printing industry may be facing a third "window period".This is because: first, the growth rate bottomed out. In 2017, China's printing industry reversed its growth decline for five consecutive years since 2012, and the "U" pattern of development may appear.Second, the quality and efficiency have been significantly improved, with the per capita labor productivity of the industry increasing by 76.1% in 2017 compared with five years ago.Third, the market structure is being optimized at a faster pace, the level of industrial intensification is accelerating, and the driving force of enterprise innovation is clearly growing.We believe that the new "window period" can no longer be marked by rapid growth, but by changes that place greater emphasis on quality, efficiency and momentum.The first two development opportunities have given the forerunner, explorer, this new "window period" will give the firm, the change, the innovator.We welcome the global printing industry to actively participate in and promote the development of China's printing industry.



(2) Scientific and technological innovations focusing on intelligent manufacturing are constantly spawning new printing technologies, new models and new business forms.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution is gathering strength and seeking breakthroughs. A large number of emerging industries spawned by high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, quantum information and biotechnology are bringing opportunities and creating platforms for the innovative integration of printing industry.This is an important strategic route choice for China's printing macro-management to promote the sustainable development of the industry.Printing intelligent manufacturing has formed a consensus in China, actively explored and achieved initial results.It has become the dominant trend and main mode of the development of China's printing industry to vigorously develop printing intelligent manufacturing and promote the transformation and upgrading of printing in the aspects of r&d, design, management decision-making, processing and manufacturing and market development.In the course of industrial development, a large number of Chinese printing enterprises have applied artificial intelligence and big data in the printing process. Cloud computing and cloud printing have been widely applied in such fields as personal image, commercial printing and personalized packaging. AR and VR technologies have been integrated into product innovation.New enterprises like century new century and sunshine printing network and their modes and modes of operation were hard to imagine five years ago, which shows the strong spirit of innovation and flexibility of development inherent in China's printing industry.According to the development plan of China's printing industry during the 13th five-year plan period and relevant work deployment, the state press and publication administration successfully held the first China printing industry innovation conference in Beijing on September 8, 9th, with the theme of "focusing intelligentization".The conference held in-depth discussions on standards development, pilot demonstration projects, development paths and empirical practices in printing intelligent manufacturing, which aroused resonance and reflection in the industry.Following the spirit of the congress, this year's all-india expo will further extend and deepen the theme of intelligent development.


(3) The integration of industries with the characteristics of reallocation of essential resources is embedded in accelerating the cultivation of new industrial growth points.

Integrated development is a key word and main trend of China's printing industry.The essence of "integration" is to break through the constraints of original industrial boundaries and industrial homogenization, collect innovative development resources, optimize allocation, promote institutional innovation and cultivate new development momentum.We believe that the traditional development model of simple processing, scale expansion and quantity accumulation is difficult to adapt to the requirements of integrated development.To this end, we are accelerating the development of integration: first, "printing + Internet +X" integration.In the past two years, the degree of integration between China's printing industry and the Internet has been deepened continuously. In the industry, the Internet has changed from simple order receiving and transmission to production factors, boosters and amplifiers.Printing and Internet are deeply integrated in various fields such as manufacturing, comprehensive service, creative research and development, talent training and market development, which promotes content innovation, taps printing energy, and constantly produces printing services and cultural and creative products with rich varieties, diversified forms and exquisite design.Second, the integration of the whole industrial chain.The integration of printing, culture and art, design services and publishing and distribution is accelerating, and creative design, bod and mass customization will be widely applied.Third, cross - industry integration.Printing and food, beverage, medicine, household appliances, electronics, clothing, toys, as well as physical fitness, travel, elderly care and other industries integration will be strengthened.We expect that these hotspots and growth points will become important power sources and driving forces during the 14th five-year plan.


(4) High quality supply for the focus of consumption upgrade expansion in the printing industry to improve quality and efficiency.

With the continuous improvement of Chinese people's income level and living standard, consumers' demand for high-quality life products is more and more intense, and the contribution rate of consumption to industrial development will be continuously improved.Statistics show that China's current cultural consumption is only over 10 trillion yuan, which is only 1/3 of that of developed countries at the same level of per capita GDP. It can be seen that printing industry, as an important form of cultural products and services, has great potential and space for the supply-side structural reform of printing industry.Therefore, one is to shape the quality, temperature, responsibility of the printing industry.It is necessary to meet the new expectations and demands of consumers' culture, make the printed products rich in innovation and creativity and "appearance level", and be able to touch, enlighten and education people with cultural connotation, character flavor and texture beauty.Second, we need to innovate means and ways of expression.Through the innovation of printing concept, expression form and product form, the attraction, appeal and influence of printing products are enhanced, various latest printing technology, technology and equipment are fully utilized, and the spiritual orientation and civilized component of printing is fully displayed.Third, we need to reflect values, positive energy and amplify brand influence.We need to foster a number of competitive, influential and discourse power printing enterprises and use powerful market players to enhance the print industry's demand capture, market sensitivity and brand influence.But on the other hand, we also recognize that although China's printing industry is the largest in the country's cultural industry, it does not have the strongest companies.This is for us to promote the development of the national print model enterprises clearly short board, indicated the direction, proposed the task.


3. Upholding the concept of building a community of Shared future for mankind, we will create a new pattern of cooperation and development in the printing industry

President xi jinping pointed out at this year's BBS conference in boao, China will not close its open door.China will hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and win-win, and promote the building of a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, equity, justice and win-win cooperation.China's printing industry is willing to strengthen cooperation with other countries' printing industry, expand the convergence of interests, promote coordination and joint construction, and help build an open and inclusive global printing industry with common prosperity.We have the following ideas and Suggestions.


(1) We will enhance trust and promote connectivity of the global printing industry.

Understanding is the premise of trust and trust is the basis of cooperation.China's printing industry is willing to continue to strengthen exchanges and communication with other countries' printing industry to promote international exchanges between printing industry associations, industry research institutions, printing institutions and printing enterprises, especially to promote dialogue between entrepreneurs.We welcome friends from the global printing industry to come to China to exchange, study and learn about the development of China's printing industry.We will continue to play a positive role in various communication platforms and international economic and trade platforms, including this all-india exhibition and this BBS, to convey China's voice to the world, tell the story of China's printing industry and introduce the development opportunities of China's printing industry.


(2) We will open wider to the outside world and improve foreign investment policies in printing.

The development achievements of China's printing industry have been made under the open conditions, and the future high-quality development must be made under more open conditions.We will continue to open up the printing industry.At present, the interim provisions on printing enterprises with foreign investment are being revised. The main idea is to realize the unification of the qualification conditions for domestic and foreign investment in printing operation, form a consistent standard for establishment, and continue to optimize the establishment process of enterprises.In accordance with relevant requirements and regulations of the Chinese government, we will support and push China's pilot free trade zone to further relax restrictions on the share ratio of publications printing enterprises and gradually narrow the scope of negative list of access.We will continue to reduce import tariffs on medium and high-end printing equipment and lift the liberalization and facilitation of foreign processing trade in printing.


(3) Expand cooperation to build a joint and Shared printing industry.

At present, China's printing industry is in the crucial stage of transforming its development mode, optimizing its industrial structure and transforming its growth impetus."Green, digital, intelligent and integrated" is the main development direction of China's printing industry in the 13th five-year plan and even the 14th five-year plan.With the deepening of supply-side structural reform of printing industry, China's printing industry will maintain a sustained and vigorous demand for advanced concepts, advanced equipment and advanced solutions to achieve high-quality development.The all India exhibition, for example, under the background of great development challenges facing the global printing industry, all India exhibition on the scale, the number of new high, volume is expected to record, for the international printing enterprise entrepreneurs find high quality development path, means and mode provides a solid platform, is vividly reflects China's printing industry to change, the spirit of innovation and enterprising and is in search of a good style.We hope to deepen our cooperation with other countries' printing industry and international printing equipment manufacturers, and to make our cooperation in technology and equipment research and development, enterprise cooperation form, sharing mechanism innovation and international market expansion, so as to jointly share the high-quality development results of printing industry.


(4) We will make overall arrangements to support Chinese printing enterprises in going global.

China's printing industry will adhere to the principle of "bringing in" and "going out", and make an overall plan for opening up.We will continue to enhance the ability of printing enterprises to go global, consolidate the foundation of talents, capital and channels, and support the establishment of mechanisms and channels for communication, dialogue and cooperation.We will continue to expand printing and foreign processing trade, support enterprises to participate in the flow of resources and elements in the global market, and actively participate in international division of labor and international industrial transfer.We will take the "One Belt And One Road" construction as the leading role and strengthen the depth and breadth of cooperation in the fields of overseas processing business, printing production capacity cooperation and printing business investment.




Ladies and gentlemen, friends, the printing industry is a dynamic, fascinating and transformative industry.China's printing industry to carry out xi new era Chinese characteristic socialism and the communist party of China national congress spirit, # 19 comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, promote the development of printing industry to realize high quality, and will continue to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world's printing industry, and seek common development, sharing the future, the global printing industry to jointly create a better tomorrow.


I wish 2018 world printing and communication BBS and China printing BBS a complete success!


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