Packaging design of the three elements
Feb 07, 2019

Today's economic globalization, packaging and goods have been integrated.Packaging, as a means of realizing commodity value and use value, plays an extremely important role in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption.The function of packaging is to protect commodities, convey commodity information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation and promote sales.Packaging, as a comprehensive subject, has the dual nature of commodity and art.Successful packaging design must have the following five points: shelf impression, readability, appearance pattern, trademark impression, functional characteristics.

Packaging design refers to the selection of appropriate packaging materials, the use of ingenious means of technology, packaging goods for the container structure modeling and packaging decoration design.It can be seen from the packaging design of the three components.


Shape factor

The appearance factor is the appearance of the commodity packaging display surface, including the size, size and shape of the display surface.There are three kinds of forms we see in our daily life, namely natural form, artificial form and accidental form.But when we study the configuration of a product, we must find a form that is suitable for any kind of nature, that is, the common regularity of things out, called abstract form.

We know that form is form element, or called form element, is a certain method, the law of the formation of a variety of kaleidoscopic form.Form is composed of point, line, plane and body.The forms of packaging mainly include: cylinder, cuboid, cone, various forms and combinations of related forms, as well as the novelty of various forms of packaging forms formed by different cutting plays a very important role in guiding consumers' vision, and the peculiar visual forms can leave a deep impression on consumers' printing.Packaging designers must be familiar with the characteristics of the form elements themselves and their expressions, and this as the formal beauty of the material.

When we are considering the appearance element of package design, we must know it from the Angle of formal beauty.According to the principle of the formal beauty of packaging design combined with the characteristics of the function of the product itself, various factors are combined organically and naturally, so as to obtain a perfect and unified design image.

The formal beauty law of packaging appearance elements is mainly considered from the following eight aspects: the law of symmetry and balance, the law of stability and lightness, the law of contrast and harmony, the law of repetition and echo, the law of rhythm and rhythm, the law of analogy and association, the law of proportion and scale, the law of unity and change.

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