Packaging design of the three elements 2
Feb 09, 2019

The composition elements


Composition is the product packaging display of trademarks, graphics, text and a combination of arranged together a complete picture.The combination of these four areas constitutes the overall effect of packaging and decoration.Product design composition elements trademark, graphics, text and color use correctly, appropriate, beautiful, can be called excellent design works.


1. Trademark design

The trademark is a kind of symbol, is the enterprise, the organization, the commodity and each facility symbol image.Trademark is a kind of handicraft art, which involves politics, economy and law, art and other fields.The characteristics of a trademark are determined by its function and form.It needs to convey the rich content in a simpler and more general form in a relatively small space, and at the same time requires the observer to understand its internal meaning in a relatively short time.In general, trademarks can be divided into three forms: text trademarks, graphic trademarks and trademarks combining text and graphics.A successful trademark design should be the product of the organic combination of creative expression.Creativity is based on the design requirements, a certain concept of comprehensive, analysis, induction, summary, through philosophical thinking, abstract into image, the design concept from the abstract evaluation performance gradually into a concrete image design.


2. Graphic design

The graphics of packaging decoration mainly refer to the image of products and other auxiliary decorative images.

Graphics, as the language of design, is to express the internal and external components of images and convey information to consumers in the form of visual images.In order to achieve this goal, the accurate positioning of graphic design is very critical.The process of positioning is the process of getting familiar with all the contents of the product, including the nature of the product, the meaning of the trademark, the name of the product and the status quo of similar products.

Graphics can be divided into physical graphics and decorative graphics.

Object graphics: the use of painting techniques, photography, etc.Painting is the main form of packaging decoration design, according to the overall packaging design needs to draw pictures, for the service of goods.Compared with photography, it has the characteristics of freedom of choice, abstraction and generalization.The technique of painting is intuitive and interesting, which is a means of publicizing, beautifying and promoting commodities.However, the commercial nature of commodity packaging determines that the design should highlight the real image of commodities and give an intuitive image to consumers. Therefore, photography is the best way to express the real and intuitive visual image of packaging and decoration design.

Decorative graphics: divided into concrete and abstract two ways of expression.Figurative figures, landscapes, animal or plant patterns can be used as symbolic graphics to represent the contents and properties of packaging.Abstract gimmick is used at freehand brushwork more, use abstract geometrical form grain of dot, line, face, color piece or texture effect to make a picture, classics is concise, marked, have formal feeling, also be the main expressional gimmick of packaging decorate.Usually, the concrete form and the abstract expression technique are not isolated in the packaging decoration design, but mutually unifies.

The dialectical unification of content and form is the general rule in graphic design, in the design process, according to the need of the graphic content, select the corresponding graphical representation techniques, to achieve the unity of the form and content in graphic design, create reflects the spirit of the age, ethnic style of the applicable, economy, beautiful decoration design work is the basic requirement of packaging designers.


3. Color design

Color design plays an important role in packaging design.Colour is the important factor that beautifies and highlights a product.The application of packaging color is closely related to the conception and composition of the whole picture design.Packaging color requirements of planar, uniform, which is the color of the filter, refining the height of the summary.It is based on people's association and color habits, highly exaggerated and discoloration is a means of packaging art.At the same time, the color of packaging must also be technology, materials, USES and sales areas, such as the system and restrictions.

The color in the design of packaging and decoration should be eye-catching, strong contrast, strong attraction and competitiveness, so as to arouse consumers' desire to buy and promote sales.For example, food and bright rich colors, mainly warm colors, highlighting the freshness, nutrition and taste of food;Medicine and simple warm and cold colors;Cosmetics are often used in soft middle tones;Hardware, mechanical tools commonly used blue, black and other calm color blocks, to express the solid, precision and durable characteristics;Children's toys are often bright and eye-catching pure color and a strong contrast of various color blocks, in line with children's psychology and hobbies;Sporting goods kind USES bright and loud color piece more, in order to increase active, athletic feeling...Different commodities have different characteristics and attributes.The stylist should study the habit of consumer and hobby and international, the change trend of domestic popular color, in order to enhance the sociology of color and consumer psychology consciousness ceaselessly.


4. Text design

Words are symbols that convey ideas, communicate feelings and information, and express the content of a subject.The label, name, description, advertisement and manufacturer, company or distribution unit on the package reflect the essence of the package.These characters must be considered as part of the package design.

The key points of text design in packaging and decoration design are:

Text content is concise, true, vivid, easy to read, easy to remember;Font design should reflect the characteristics, nature, uniqueness, and have good identification and aesthetic function;The arrangement of words and the overall design style of packaging should be harmonious.



Material elements

Material elements are the surface texture and texture of materials used in commodity packaging.It often affects the visual effect of commodity packaging.The best effect of commodity packaging can be achieved by using surface changes or surface shapes of different materials.Packaging materials, whether paper materials, plastic materials, glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials and other composite materials, have different texture effects.Apply different material, try appropriately to combine configuration, can give consumer with novel, cool or luxurious wait for different sense.Material element is an important part of packaging design, which is directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging, production and processing methods and packaging waste recovery and treatment and other issues."

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