Vacuum packaging and vacuum packaging are widely used in which product packaging?
Nov 22, 2018

Vacuum packaging is widely used for packaging products: 

①cephalic products, such as sausage, ham, bacon, duck, etc. 

②Pickled vegetables, such as pickled vegetables, pickled vegetables, radish, turnip, wrap, etc. 

③Tofu products, such as dried tofu, vegetarian chicken, bean paste, etc. 

④Cooked food products, such as roast chicken, roast duck, sauce beef, etc. 

⑤Convenient foods such as rice, instant noodles, cooked vegetables, etc. 

⑥Canned pork, such as bamboo shoots, sugar water fruit, rice porridge, and so on.

The vacuum packing is widely used for packaging the following products: 

①Other tea, nuts, melon seeds, meat floss, etc.

②Fried potato chips, puffed food, fruit and vegetable crisps, etc. 

③Cake, moon cake, etc. 

④Powder, food additive; 

⑤All kinds of local specialty rare traditional Chinese medicine, etc. 

⑥Dehydrated vegetables.

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