Various materials and characteristics of clothing packaging bags
Dec 25, 2018

Clothing plastic packaging bags in the material selection is more extensive, such as PE, PO, OPP, PVC, non-woven fabrics and so on.PE, non-woven cloth and paper bags are mainly used for shopping bags in the boutique, which is convenient for customers to take away clothes.OPP and PVC clothing plastic packaging bags are mainly used to directly package clothes, to maintain the hygiene of clothes, play a role in moisture-proof, dustproof, improve the product grade.

PE & PO material features: cheap price, non-toxic, tasteless, reusable.

Non - woven fabric is characterized by environmental protection, strong, can be reused, improve the grade.

OPP features: low price, high transparency, high strength, high hardness, can be made into OPP self-adhesive bag, easy to use, but can only be directly packaged clothes, not made into a handbag style.

PVC features: soft, strong, can improve the grade of products, can be made into zipper bags, but the price is higher.And this style of plastic packaging bags, recycling rate is low.

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