What are cooking bags, transparent packaging, shrinkable packaging, stretching packaging, vacuum packaging, air-filled packaging, breathable packaging, quick-frozen packaging???
Nov 11, 2018

Today, we are going to introduce what is cooking bag, transparent package, shrink package, stretch package, vacuum package, air - filled package, breathable package, frozen package???

1. Cooking bag

Cooking bag, the packaging bag made of flexible composite material, the packaged food is sterilized in the autoclave for a short time. Before eating, the bag can be put into boiling water for heating.

2. Transparent packaging

Transparent packaging. The packaging of all or part of the contents can be seen through transparent packaging materials.

3. Shrink packaging

A packaging method of wrapping a product or package in a shrinkable film and then heating it to shrink it.

4. Stretching package

A packaging method for wrapping a product or package by stretching a stretched film at room temperature.For pallet cargo packing.

5. Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packing: a method of packing in which the product is packed in a vacuum packing bag with air tightness, and the air inside the bag is sucked out, thus achieving a predetermined vacuum degree in the sealed vacuum packing bag.

6. Air packaging

A packing method for filling products into air-tight packing containers and replacing the original air in the containers with gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

7. Breathable packaging

A closed package in which air can enter or leave as conditions change (such as temperature).

8. Quick freezing packaging

Freeze-fast packaging, in which freeze - and moisture-resistant packaging and freeze - fast technology enable frozen contents to be stored for longer periods of time under refrigeration.

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