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Application Of Flexible Packaging
Oct 17, 2018

With the rapid development of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and the continuous improvement of packaging materials and processing technology, soft packaging plays an increasingly important role in many fields.Compared with other packaging methods, flexible packaging has more advantages, such as barrier, easy to print, low cost, light weight, shock resistance, transparent, microwave heating, aspects, and large selection of packaging design, and is also safe, sanitary and convenient for consumers.With the increasing demand for flexible packaging and the deepening of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the flexible packaging industry has gained great market power and promoted the stable and sustainable development of flexible packaging materials and equipment, thus providing great opportunities for the development of the whole flexible packaging industry. 

Paper, plastics, glass and metals are the four pillars of the modern packaging industry, of which paper and plastics are the most widely used and the fastest growing in use.Plastic flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in the following areas.    

(1) the food packaging: as instant noodles, milk powder, tea, food, leisure food, beverage, candy, retort pouch, pickled vegetables and meat products, frozen fish and shrimp, condiments, etc.

(2) packaging bag of cosmetics and washing articles: such as hair washing articles, skin cream, washing powder, etc.

(3) pharmaceutical packaging bags: PTP aluminum foil, SP composite film, aluminum foil bubble cover, Chinese medicine tablets, capsules, pills, powder, etc.

(4) seed package: various crop seeds, vegetables, flower seeds, etc.

(5) industrial packaging bags: such as clothing, knitted underwear, women's and children's products packaging, New Year pictures, calendars, posters, etc

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