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Basic Classification Of Food Packaging
Sep 21, 2018

Food packaging can be divided into metal, glass, paper, plastic and composite materials according to packaging materials, and can be divided into POTS, bottles, bags, bags, rolls, boxes and boxes according to the packaging type.Can be divided into internal packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging..Outer packing, etc.

Due to more concerns about food safety and higher requirements, some countries have strengthened regulations on food packaging.From the implementation of nutrition standards and regulations, indirect additives to promote the implementation of degradable packaging, electronic scanning bar code, etc. are promoting the new development of food packaging.

There are many ways to classify food packaging.For example, it can be divided into: moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, mildew proof packaging, fresh packaging, quick-freezing packaging, breathable packaging, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxygenation packaging, bubble packaging, sticking packaging, stretching packaging, cooking packaging, etc.All the above kinds of packages are made of different composite materials, and their packaging characteristics correspond to the requirements of different foods, which can effectively protect the quality of food

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