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Can Sports Fold Water Bag Hold Hot Water?
Nov 14, 2018

Sports folding water bags can hold hot water.Motion fold the water bag is Tpu material, this water bag cold resistant high temperature resistant, cold resistant up to 40 ℃ below zero, unchanged unchanged hard brittle;High temperature resistance to boiling water, that is, 100 ℃, also won't go bad, so that can hold water.Water in water bags between 70 and 80 degrees, to prevent overheating water up the water bag.

Water bags are used to hold drinking water, so people must put the safety of water bags, non-toxic first.That is to choose the material makers that match the FDA standards.Most products use non-toxic, odorless materials, but some of the inferior products have a strong, plastic smell after a long period of time.It's better not to think about such products.Generally speaking, the order of selection is: tpu/ Eva /peva/ PE materials, and finally PVC is selected.Peva non-toxic, odorless, cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant;Eva non-toxic cold and heat resistant slight peculiar smell;PE is non-toxic, odorless, moderately cold resistant, high temperature resistant, but too hard, inconvenient to carry, and easy to fall off and discard the materials.PVC materials, older materials, peculiar smell, high temperature resistance, less cold, light toxicity.

Zhejiang Kuayue Printing professional production of folding water bags through the United States FDA certification standards.Want to know more about one side!

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