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Causes Of Vacuum Loss In Vacuum Packaging Bags
Nov 20, 2018

There are four specific reasons for vacuum loss in vacuum packaging bags

1.Material barrier.For example, in the OPP/PE packaging, the vacuum will be significantly reduced after 2 weeks of vacuuming, so the vacuum packaging material must have a certain gas barrier.

2. Sealing air tightness.If there are small cracks on the sealing side which are not fully closed, air will enter the package through these cracks and cause vacuum loss.For example, the inner material is contaminated by the content (such as oil, powder, etc.) or the folds on the edge of the sealing can lead to the phenomenon of improper sealing when the pillow is to be wrapped at the joint of two and four layers of horizontal sealing.

3. Mechanical damage.  A-- Puncture by internal contents, such as vacuum-packed bones, deep-fried peanuts, etc., with sharp edges and angles;  B-- Damage to external objects, such as puncture by the edges of adjacent packaging bags, destruction of barrier layer materials by crystal points on materials, and damage to packaging materials by burrs on edge of sealing die; C-- Poor flexural resistance of materials, greatly reduced in packaging circulation.

4. Another possibility is that the vacuum is reduced due to the gas produced by the fermentation of content (anaerobic respiration).This can of course be confirmed by vacuuming the packaging bags and replacing them with other items.

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