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China Plastic Flexible Packaging Industry: Development Status And Prospects
Sep 17, 2018

Flexible packaging refers to the packaging in which the shape of the container can be changed after filling or removing the contents.All kinds of bags, boxes, sleeves and packages made of plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, fiber and their complexes are all soft packaging.

Generally, sheet plastic with thickness below 0.25mm is referred to as thin film, while glass paper bag, plastic film bag, plastic composite film bag, plastic woven bag and plastic woven composite bag are collectively referred to as plastic flexible packaging.

China's soft packaging was introduced from Japan in the late 1970s. After more than 30 years of practice, China's soft packaging developed rapidly from scratch, from less to more, from small to large.The product also develops from single structure and function to multi-layer composite structure and multiple functions.Now, soft packaging has been applied to all aspects of our life, playing an important role in modern social life.

With the development of plastics raw materials and processing technology, plastics have occupied an important position in the field of packaging.Plastic flexible packaging is accompanied by the rapid development of science and technology and people's requirements for quality of life gradually improved and become the best in plastic packaging.High-performance, multi-functional plastic flexible packaging materials are becoming the hot development of packaging materials.

As a necessary packaging method in today's society, flexible packaging is widely used.From bulk, granules and powder commodities to liquid semi-liquid food, gas drinks, alcohol, vegetables and fruits;From medicines, health care products, medical instruments, to hardware commodities, toys, stationery;It can be applied to household chemicals, sanitary products, clothing and textiles.

According to relevant data, at present, there are thousands of soft plastic packaging enterprises in China, and composite soft plastic packaging materials have become one of the mature main packaging materials in China, which has infiltrated into every field of national life.With the development of the market economy, the society's demand for plastic flexible packaging is increasing year by year, and more and more upgrade.Plastic flexible packaging is covering the market according to its inherent characteristics of bright colors, novel patterns and convenient use.

2017-2022 China plastic flexible packaging department market development research analysis and investment planning advice consulting research report.In 2015, China's plastic flexible packaging industry was worth 7.697 billion yuan, up 5.4% from 73.024 billion yuan in 2014.

With the increasing demands on the packaging of products, soft packaging is no longer just a low-cost alternative to industrial packaging, and began to rapidly replace hard packaging as the mainstream alternative in the market.The growth engine of the flexible packaging market mainly comes from the demand of developing economies for consumer goods, food, beverage and medicine.The asia-pacific region is the most promising market, especially in China and India.

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