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Classification And Application Of Composite Bags
Oct 22, 2018

1. PET/PE composite bag

Features: good oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, high transparency, non - toxic and tasteless;

Application: this kind of composite bag is applied in various inflatable food packaging, such as bread, pastry, frozen food, etc.Packaging of clothing, knitwear and daily necessities;Used as shopping bag, plastic bag, gift bag, etc.

2. BOPP/CPP composite bag

Features: high transparency, moisture-proof, oxidation-proof, non - toxic and tasteless, but poor cold and heat resistance;

Application: this composite bag is used in various dry food packaging such as biscuits, candies and instant noodles. It cannot be used to package food with high moisture content or as cold storage bag.

3. BOPP/CPP composite bag

Features: strong moisture resistance, good toughness, strong tensile force, water and oil resistance.

Application: this composite bag is mainly used in the packaging of cooked food, tea and oily food.

4. BOPA6/LDPE composite bag

Features: high temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, moisture resistance, oil resistance, but poor transparency;

Application: this composite bag is mainly used in the packaging of cooked food and quick-frozen food, which can be heated, refrigerated and boiled.

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