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The Difference Between Empty Food Bags And Vacuum
Nov 10, 2018

See a lot of friends are asking, "the difference between a food bag and a vacuum" is that the air in the bag is pumped out, the vacuum is filled into the bag?Want to know the difference?Let's explain the problem of air and air.

Actually, vacuuming and vacuum are a concept. In operation, they are commonly called vacuuming. They are a kind of food packaging technology that puts food packaging in the vacuum machine to extract air packaging.And a packaging technique like inflating the inside of a bag is called aeration.Therefore, the difference is obvious. The vacuum packaging is to extract the air in the package as much as possible, while aeration is to replace the air in the bag with inert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, so as to reduce the contact between food and air as much as possible, slow down the oxidation process of food, and avoid rapid deterioration of food.

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