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Food Bags With Air
Nov 12, 2018

Recently, many friends are asking: what is the packaging with air in the food packaging?In fact, this kind of food packaging bag as its name implies is called the inflatable packaging ~HOHO!~

At present, there are many inflatable packaging, nitrogen-filled packaging, air conditioning packaging and so on.These are using a method called gas displacement to achieve the effect of food insurance.Food is very afraid of too much oxygen contact, long time contact oxygen may occur oxidation deterioration and other problems.Filling the package with a certain amount of inert gas will effectively extend the shelf life of the food.

For example, the packaging of potato chips, most of which are filled with nitrogen and N2, is a fat package filled with gas. On the one hand, it replaces the original air in the package and effectively extends the shelf life.On the one hand, with a lot of gas to support, potato chips during transport and storage can also reduce the fragmentation from collisions.You don't want to buy potato chips with all the chips in them.

Carbonated drinks are mostly filled with carbon dioxide gas CO2, and the beverage itself is mainly composed of carbon dioxide. CO2 replaces the air with CO2, which keeps the product fresh, ensures the taste, and also improves the shelf life.

In addition, some food air conditioning packages are filled with a certain proportion of mixed gases, which may be O2+CO2+N2, N2+CO2, and O2+CO2.This is also based on the needs of different enterprises, different customers.

But when food producers use this method to keep food fresh, they need to strictly control the proportion of gas you fill, which is directly related to the taste, quality and shelf life of your food.For now, the country still does not have the specific standard of gas detection inside the package, but the enterprise can decide an enterprise standard according to his circumstance.Now for packaging test instruments, you can consult labthink LAN guang. They seem to be the biggest and best technology in China.Other companies are also quite a few, equipment is also imported.

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