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Oct 12, 2018

Some time ago, the food packaging bag manufacturers across the printing received German coffee manufacturers of the single, the other side of the coffee bag has a strict requirements, as we remember the Chinese people rigorous and serious.

From the design of the coffee bag to the final success of production, there are some problems.With years of production experience in soft packaging, Kuayue Printing has solved customers' problems.

To market needs, factory production of a variety of coffee packing, the volume is divided into: 1 kg, 500 g, 250 g, 50 g, also according to the taste of coffee is divided into the coffee bags in different colors: red packaging (heavy coffee), black packaging (the small fruit of high quality coffee), golden packaging (advanced coffee), silver packaging.These coffee bags have a delicate appearance, good sealing, physical strength high characteristics;Coffee granules smell and oil when roasted.But in this process, the flavor particles are surrounded by layers of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.Because the carbon dioxide protects the flavor and oil and resists oxygen, the oxygen will spoil the coffee, causing the oil to lose its flavor.Since oxygen cannot be contained in the bag, the main cause of damage to the product must be compressed as much as possible, so it is recommended to package the product as soon as possible after coffee roasting.In addition, it should be known that coffee granules emit considerable amounts of gas, and their exhaust must be foreseen in order to avoid expansion and bag bursting.In view of this, all the coffee packages produced by yulli package have a one-way air valve, allowing the gas generated from the coffee to be discharged from the package, while avoiding the pressure generated internally to cause the container to swell or tear, and the oxygen from the outside is always difficult to enter the bag to keep the coffee fresh.The gas in the coffee bag is discharged from the package, while preventing the outside air from entering to keep the coffee fresh

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