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How To Choose Green Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag?
Nov 06, 2018

Aluminum foil packaging bags have a large market, so how to choose aluminum foil packaging?Aluminum foil packaging bag because of its good negative insulation, heat sealing performance, moisture resistance, transparency.And acid, wear - resistant and other functions are also very good, so widely used in the food industry packaging.Nowadays, packing bag attracts more and more attention. How to choose packing bag?

1. we need to pay attention to the printing equipment and bag making machine must be green.The bag-making workshop should also be a 100,000-class dust-free workshop, which does not produce harmful gases, odors and liquids.The production process is free from pollution and harmful substances.

2. Choose materials. Choose materials without coating or coating. Colored plastic bags cannot be used for food packaging.Such aluminum foil packaging bags are often made from recycled plastic.Food packaging bags are smell, odor-free, special smell of plastic packaging.

3. Check the appearance of aluminum foil packaging bag.Pinhole or not;Whether there is pollution;Whether the seal is normative or not.Testing of compressive strength and burst strength.And the method of strength and breaking strength is to press the heavy object, put the packaging bag on the table, and then add the weight on it. After a minute, whether the vacuum packaging bag is out of shape, leakage, etc.If the above conditions, proof that the aluminum foil bag is not environmentally friendly.

Finally, it is suggested that when choosing materials, environmental protection materials should be selected, and attention should be paid to the recycling of aluminum foil packaging materials, and the green environmental protection of materials, not using secondary waste, especially the food packaging bags do not use industrial waste or recycled materials.Good aluminum foil bag on the selected packaging bag manufacturers.Look below!

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