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How To Detect The Appearance Of Packaging Bags?
Oct 04, 2018

Visual inspection includes inspection of the flatness and transparency of the composite bag.It is mainly used to test whether the composite bag has obvious abrasion and pinhole, and the seal has no pollution.The appearance inspection method is as follows:

1.Check for bagged noodles.Place the compound bag in the center of the hand, aim at the 40w fluorescent lamp and gently shake, through the reflected light of the compound bag surface, you can clearly find whether there are scratches or traces on the compound bag surface, often referred to as "bag side drawing" in the industry.The wire drawing phenomenon is mostly caused by the bag-making machine leading roller is not clean, so we must ensure the roller is clean.In addition, the non-rotation of the guide roller will also cause the composite bag wire-drawing failure.

2.Inspection of flatness of over-compound bag.If the surface of the composite bag is bent, warped outwards or arched inwards, the flatness of the composite bag will be shown to be poor.Unreasonable structure composition;The material itself is uneven in thickness.

3.Check for transparency.Because some products have large areas without patterns, transparency appears to be particularly important. The inspection method of transparency is: extract a piece of finished product bag and observe through the indirect indoor light source.

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