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Importance Of Printed Manuscript In Flexible Packaging Bag
Feb 10, 2019

Printed manuscript is an important part of packaging design. In many cases, the design of packaging application is the design of printing pattern.Flexible packaging is mostly the final packaging of products, directly facing consumers, the shelf display of goods is mainly reflected by printing patterns.Therefore, the printing manuscript is a kind of decoration pattern design, is the product specification, directly affects the product display, the propaganda, plays the beautification commodity, the promotion sale function.Manuscript design should reflect the intention of the user, the attributes and characteristics of goods, with a high artistic expression.However, only these are not enough, for composite flexible packaging manufacturers, the focus of control is whether the design of the manuscript is suitable for the printing process, composite, cutting, bag-making process, the subsequent production process on the impact of printing color, printing process on the design of the color reduction.Whether the printed manuscript is suitable for plate making, the general principle should be beautiful pattern, economical and reasonable, convenient production.To sum up, the manuscript review is an indispensable part of the composite flexible packaging production process, but also the entire production process, an independent link.Through the examination of the manuscript, the pattern of the printed manuscript process analysis, process review, according to user requirements, production process requirements, platemaking requirements to determine a reasonable printing manuscript, in order to make the subsequent production smoothly.Audit will become the link between packaging manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, plate manufacturers.


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