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Introduction To Nozzle Bag
Nov 02, 2018

Introduction to nozzle bag

Sucking mouth bag is a new kind of beverage and jelly package developed on the basis of self-supporting bag.

The structure of the suction nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: the suction nozzle and the self-supporting bag.The part of self-supporting bag is consistent with the general four-edge self-supporting bag in structure, but composite materials are generally adopted to meet the requirements of different food packaging.The suction nozzle part can be regarded as a general bottle mouth plus a straw.The two parts are closely combined to form the beverage packaging supporting smoking, and since it is soft packaging, there is no difficulty in sucking, the content is not easy to shake after sealing, which is a very ideal new beverage packaging.

The biggest advantage of the nozzle bag over the common packaging is its portability.The suction pocket can be easily put into the backpack or even the pocket, and can reduce the volume of content, more convenient to carry.At present, soft drink packaging in the market is mainly in the form of PET bottle, composite aluminum paper bag and cans. Nowadays, with the increasingly obvious homogenization competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiation competition.The nozzle-absorbing bag has both the fashion of repeated packaging of PET bottle and composite aluminum paper bag. Meanwhile, it also has the advantages that traditional beverage package cannot compare with. Due to the basic shape of self-supporting bag, the display area of nozzle-absorbing bag is significantly larger than PET bottle, and it is superior to the package of tetra pak that cannot stand.Of course, as a kind of soft package, it is not suitable for carbonated beverage packaging at present, but it has a unique advantage in fruit juice, dairy products, health drinks and jelly food.

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