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Introduction To Packaging Film
Oct 31, 2018

Packaging film is mainly composed of several different grades of polyethylene resin blend extrusion, resistance to puncture, super strength of high performance, to pile up on the plate of the cargo packing, to make clean packaging more solid, more super waterproof effect, is widely used, in foreign trade export, paper, metal, plastic, chemical, building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Advantages of packaging film:

The advantages of shrink packaging are as follows: 

1. It is suitable for packaging goods of various shapes to increase the appearance attraction of products;  2. The film can adhere to the commodity, have transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and bright; 3. The packaged goods are sanitary and clean, sealed and dustproof and moisture-proof. 4. Shrink packaging has good shock resistance, impact resistance and protection performance; 5. The packaged goods are tight and fixed, and the small parts will not stagger in the packaging; 6. The heat-shrinkable film can also be used to replace all kinds of paper boxes, especially in the combined (cluster) packaging of irregular articles or commodities, which not only saves packaging cost, but also conforms to packaging trend.

General nature of packaging film:

1. Unitization: this is one of the biggest characteristics of wrapped film packaging.With the help of the super strong winding force and retraction of the film, the product is tightly and fixedly tied into a unit, making the scattered small pieces a whole. Even in the adverse environment, the product is free from any loose and separation, degree and no sharp edges and stickiness, so as to avoid damage.

2. Primary protection: primary protection provides surface protection of the product, forming a light, protective appearance around the product, so as to achieve the purpose of dustproof, oil proof, moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-theft.It is particularly important to wrap the film to make the packaging materials uniformly stressed and avoid the damage caused by uneven forces, which is impossible to be done by traditional packaging methods (such as bundling, packing, tape, etc.).

3. The compression rigidity: with wrap film retraction after tensile force will wrap packaging products, forming a compact unit, does not occupy a space, make the product each pallet tightly wrapped together, can effectively prevent the transport products in the process of mutual dislocation and mobile, at the same time, can adjust tensile force can make the hard products close to make soft tightening products, especially in the tobacco industry and textile industry has a unique packaging effect.

4. Cost saving: the use of wrapping film can effectively reduce the use cost. The use of wrapping film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of the thermal shrinking film, and about 50% of the carton packaging.At the same time can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

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