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Introduction To Vacuum Packing Bag
Oct 29, 2018

Vacuum packaging bag refers to a packaging method which adds the product to the air tight packaging container, draws out the air inside the container, and makes the sealed container reach the predetermined vacuum degree.

Vacuum bag is also called decompression package. It is to extract and seal all the air in the packaging container, and maintain the bag in a highly decompression state. The lack of air is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen.The application of vacuum packaging in plastic bags, aluminum foil packaging, glassware packaging and so on.Packing materials can be selected according to the type of articles.As fruit is fresh food, which is still undergoing respiration, high degree of hypoxia can cause physiological diseases. Therefore, few fruit products use vacuum packaging.

Fold main material

The performance of food vacuum packaging material directly affects the storage life and taste of food.In vacuum packaging, choosing good packaging materials is the key to the success of packaging.

Since we are talking about the materials of vacuum packaging, it is necessary to classify the materials. The following are the characteristics of the materials suitable for vacuum packaging:

1.PE is suitable for low temperature use and RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking.

2. PA is for increasing physical strength and puncture resistance;

3. AL aluminum foil is designed to increase barrier performance and shade;

4, PET, increase mechanical strength, excellent stiffness.

And then depending on the requirements, the combination, the various properties, also have transparent, in order to increase the barrier performance using the water-resistant PVA high barrier coating.

Folded compound species

Generally as follows:



There are also three or four layers in order to increase the material properties:





Folding feature

High temperature cooking bag and vacuum bag are used to package all kinds of meat cooked food.

Materials :NY/PE, NY/AL/RCPP, NY/PE

Features: moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, shading, fragrance - retaining and strong

Application: high temperature sterilization food, ham, curry, roast eel, roast fish and meat marinade.

At present, the most commonly used vacuum packaging materials are thin film materials, of course, also used in bottles and cans.The film materials used in the vacuum packaging of food should be guaranteed to achieve the best condition in terms of the packaging effect, aesthetics and economy of various foods.At the same time, the vacuum packaging of food material to resist light and stability of higher requirements.When a single material cannot meet these requirements, the packaging will often be composed of many different materials.

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