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What Are The Main Characteristics Of Aluminum Foil Bags?
Nov 18, 2018

What are the main characteristics of aluminum foil bags?Yu li packaging small to tell you about the selection of aluminum foil bag features (advantages).

1. Light in weight, good at avoiding light with metallic luster, have high reflective ability to heat and light, and metallic luster and reflective ability can improve the brightness of printing colors;

2. Good isolation, strong protection, impervious to gas and water vapor, prevent the contents from absorbing moisture and gasification, and are not susceptible to invasion by bacteria and insects;

3. Good shape stability, not affected by temperature change;

4. Non-mechanical, non-sealing, pinhole and easy to wrinkle, etc., so it is generally not used alone. It is usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic film, overcoming the disadvantages of non-sealing, and its advantages such as isolation have been fully developed.

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