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Matters To Be Noted When Printing Food Packaging Bags
Nov 28, 2018

Food packaging bag printing must pay attention to the selection of quality ink, both good printing performance, a very good adhesion, and a certain degree of color expression, which is food packaging bag printing ink selection criteria.

The manufacture of food packaging and printing is used to achieve the goal, the second is to achieve a certain level of health, this is the two necessary conditions. As a display of food packaging printing is only color expressive force and ink adhesion requirements, because the ink is printed on the outside of the bags more, won't cause what effect to food.

Food packaging bag printing is the most difficult packaging, and printing volume, because food packaging has become the main use of the packaging industry.

The biggest characteristic of food packaging bag printing is that the color of ink should be rich, and, ink should have certain color expression, and adhesion should be very strong, can not be used to find out the ink to fall off, not only to printing, but also to packaging harmful, leaving a bad impression on consumers.

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