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Packing Bag Type
Aug 09, 2018

1: According to the material structure can be divided into: pure aluminum compound bag, aluminum clad bag two kinds (including paper aluminum composite bag) Pure Aluminum Composite bag: opp/al/pe;pet/al/pe, Aluminum clad bag: pet/vmpet/pe;vmpet/cpp, etc.

2: According to function can be divided into: anti-static shielding electronic products packaging bags, UV-resistant products such as packaging bags 3: According to the process structure can be divided into: two-layer composite, three-storey composite and four-layer composite, material structure can be combined according to customer requirements. Two-layer composite: Opp/vmpet;vmpet/pe and so on, (the above structure is often used in toy packaging); Opp/vmcpp, etc., (often used in biscuit packaging); Three-layer compound: matopp/vmpet/pe;

Opp/vmpet/pe, (often used in mask bag);p et/vmpet/pe, (often used in shampoo bag) four-layer composite: PET/NY/VMPET/PE, etc., generally add nylon film to increase the softness of the composite bag. 4: According to the bag type can be divided into: three-side seal, self-reliance bag, independent suction pouch, special-shaped self-supporting bag, box bag, special packaging bags.

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