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The Detailed Classification Of Composite Packaging Bags
Sep 26, 2018

Composite type plastic packaging bag classification can distinguish between food packaging bags, and non-food packaging bags

Packaging bags are classified by function: aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, water boiling bag, high temperature steaming bag, freezing bag, high barrier bag, antistatic bag, aseptic bag, microwave bag, antifogging film bag.

Food packaging bags are classified according to the shape of bags: self-sealing bag, zipper bag, self-supporting bag, three-side sealing bag, middle sealing bag, shaped bag, automatic packaging roll film, real or fake vertical zipper bag.

According to the contents of the bag to packaging content classification: food packaging film bags, cosmetics packaging, packaging, cleaning products pesticide packaging film and bag, health care products, medicine packaging film, bags, electronic components, military supplies packaging, pet food packaging film, bag, seaweed, aquatic products packaging, spices, nuts kind of packaging, tea, coffee raw materials packaging applications

There are thousands of types of packaging bags. With the progress and development of The Times, more plastic packaging styles will be produced.

Kuayue Printing industry focuses on the production of various food packaging bags and also research and development, master the style and production process of the first-line food packaging bags.

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