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The Quality Of Package Printing Can Be Seen By The Eyes
Jan 31, 2019

Basically, the judgment of packaging and printing must depend on people's eyes. Human eyes can accomplish many things that cannot be accomplished by instruments, such as looking at the whole package, judging the overall decoration effect, determining whether the packaging is satisfactory, and determining whether two colors or two prints match.A trained observer can detect print color differences in portable kettlebags more accurately than a densitometer.

However, there are many things that the human eye cannot do, such as the human eye cannot give a certain specific data about the color on the color test board on the nozzle bag, and this data can be transmitted to the supplier and customer by telephone and fax for specifying the printing color.People also had very poor color memory, and although observers were able to compare the colors of two prints placed side by side, they were unable to accurately compare the colors of two prints that appeared one second apart.The human eye is affected by the environment and the desired color memory.

Therefore, the best soft packaging such as butterfly valve red wine bag color control is the reasonable use of human eyes and detection equipment, which requires a better understanding of their respective advantages and limitations.


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