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The True Solvents, Cosolvents And Diluents Used In The Manufacture Of Flexible Packaging Bags Are Introduced
Feb 12, 2019

For volatile drying ink, the solvent used can be divided into the following three categories:

1. true solvent.There is a solution in this kind of ink polymer resin solvent for the resin of the true solvent.

2. Cosolvent.It cannot dissolve the polymer resin used by itself, but within a certain amount, mixed with the real solvent, can provide a certain degree of solubility.

3. Diluent.This kind of solvent cannot dissolve the high polymer resin that USES, also helpless dissolve action, but inside certain limitation amount, can mix with true solvent use, it is having dilutive effect, the price is lower than what use true solvent, cosolvent, can reduce cost.

This solvent classification is relative to a solvent in a certain type of ink is the true solvent, and in another ink may also be used as a thinner.


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