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Trends In Soft Packaging
Oct 19, 2018

In the packaging industry, soft packaging has become one of the most important packaging forms for shelf sales with its gorgeous colors, rich functions and various forms of expression.The development of domestic soft packaging industry greatly promotes the development of food, daily chemical and other industries. The development of these industries in turn further drives the demand for soft packaging market, making the soft packaging industry gain huge market power.With the development of functional flexible packaging materials and the continuous improvement of processing technology, soft packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields.This article gives you a brief introduction to the domestic soft packaging industry.

(1) the equipment and technical level of the flexible packaging industry.

In recent years, with the progress of technology and the development of market, customers' requirements for product quality and service have been continuously improved, and the competition between enterprises has been increasingly intensified. Coupled with the great changes in political, economic and social environment, domestic soft packaging industry has gradually become a fully competitive industry.The profit space of whole industry is getting smaller and smaller, loss-making enterprise increases ceaselessly, one after another once brilliant enterprise falls on the road of cruel competition -- meager profit times is coming to us with irreversible trend.

Domestic modern sense of soft packaging industry has more than 20 years of development history.Over the past 20 years, the domestic soft packaging industry has grown from small to large and developed rapidly. At present, it has reached a relatively mature stage, showing a clear trend of collectivization and scale.The world's leading printing enterprises are accelerating their development in China through absolute control, new wholly owned production enterprises and holding companies, mergers and acquisitions of superior Chinese enterprises, etc.The domestic soft package color printing enterprise realizes the crisis and the huge opportunity, also USES various ways to expand the industrial scale, and develops to the industry frontier.

At present, there are about 400 imported intaglio flexible packaging production lines in mainland China, and nearly 1,000 large-width and high-speed intaglio flexible packaging production lines made in China.Low - range narrow - width gravure packaging line is countless.In addition, in recent years, through the continuous efforts of flexo printing workers in China, coupled with the world's most advanced laser direct platemaking technology and high quality ink, flexible plates and other consumables, flexo printing soft packaging products have been improved in quality and more and more widely used.

With the continuous improvement of equipment and raw and auxiliary materials as well as the increasingly rich production, operation and management experience, the technical level of China's soft packaging industry has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and the product quality has been greatly improved.In terms of printing quality alone, the printing level of China's soft packaging industry can be said to be quite high, and the printing quality is much higher than that of similar products in developed countries and regions in Europe and America.

At present, the overall development level of China's soft packaging industry is higher than that of Russia and other eastern European countries, and it is also higher than other Asian countries except Japan and South Korea.The main gap with the developed countries in the soft packaging industry is the product standards as well as the high-end and modern packaging materials, especially in the development and production of special and special functional packaging materials.

(2)Soft packaging equipment manufacturing industry.

Our country gravure printing compound flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry only 10 years of history, in the introduction of equipment on the basis of digestion and absorption, imitation and independent development, in recent years has made great progress.At present, China has been able to produce all kinds of automatic bag making machines with printing speed of 300 meters/min, width of over 1000mm, gravure printing machine, dry compound machine, extrusion compound machine, cutting machine and bag making speed of over 100 sections/min.At present, domestic equipment has been mature in technology and supplied a large number of equipment for domestic soft packaging industry. A number of enterprises, such as shaanxi beiren, zhongshan songde, shantou light machine, shantou huaying, have almost completely occupied the domestic market of medium and high grade gravure printing soft packaging equipment.

In recent years, with the development of domestic soft packaging industry, the domestic market of soft packaging machinery tends to be flat.As the soft packaging industry is developing in many overseas regions, many soft packaging equipment manufacturers have set their sights on the overseas market.

With excellent cost performance, Chinese equipment is highly competitive in the international market, especially in southeast Asia, west Asia and northeast Asia.In addition, plate manufacturers, film manufacturers, ink and adhesive manufacturers are also making efforts in the overseas market.

(3) flexible packaging film substrates.

In recent years, China's flexible packaging film substrate industry has been developing rapidly. Domestic BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP and other flexible packaging film substrates can not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also export to foreign markets.

BOPP is the material with the largest amount in the field of soft packaging. It is widely used in the fields of food, medicine and tobacco with its advantages of light weight, transparent, non-toxic, moisture-proof, low permeability and high mechanical strength.In previous years, the production of BOPP thin film has a high profit, which stimulated the rapid development of BOPP thin film industry and led to severe overcapacity in some regions.BOPET films have the advantages of good leveling, excellent sealing, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good transparency and gloss, etc., and their usage in the packaging market is rapidly increased.BOPA film is widely used in the packaging of high-temperature steamed food, boiled food and vacuumed food with its special properties such as softness and puncture resistance, and the production capacity of domestic BOPA film is steadily improving.

At present, some advanced flexible packaging color printing plants are constantly putting forward new requirements on the printing performance and composite performance of thin film substrate, such as shallow screen printing performance, transparency, composite strength, etc.Customers' requirements for BOPP thermal seal film are even more different. Due to the wide variety of new and old packaging machinery in China, and the different technical level, no BOPP thermal seal film can operate smoothly on all packaging machines.Along with the development of the BOPP film industry, BOPP film is endowed with many new features, also produced some new market segments, such as ultra-thin BOPP film, high transparent BOPP film, BOPP film printing performance, resistance to ultraviolet BOPP film, environmental protection and biodegradable BOPP film, prevent atomization BOPP film, BOPP color film, BOPP film, BOPP can smoke printing shrink film, BOPP film metallocene catalytic system, high separation BOPP film, BOPP synthetic paper, BOPP tangle film, etc.All these provide a good foundation for BOPP thin film manufacturing enterprises to adopt differentiation strategy.

In addition, the film base material manufacturers have a clear trend of scale and collectivization, and gradually become rational in the price competition, gaining more price discourse power.

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