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What Do We Know About Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Nov 26, 2018

Now more and more advocate environmental protection, green, healthy.Plastic is a synthetic or natural high polymer resin as the main materials. After adding various additives, has the ductility under certain temperature and pressure, cooling can be fixed after the shape of material. Natural or synthetic polymer molecules under the molten state, and the process of uniform distribution of additives molecules around plasticizing, has reached this process is called had plasticizing, haven't reached, is considered not plasticizing. Plastic packaging is one of the four materials in the packaging industry, paper and paperboard (30%), plastic (25%), metal accounted for 25%, 15% glass.

In plastic packaging industry, large enterprises and state-owned enterprises is less, and more private enterprises, small scale of the industry as a whole, at the same time facing numerous market penetration of foreign brands, such as Germany short group relying on its strong technical and economic strength to enter the Chinese market on a large scale. The 12th five-year period, plastic packaging industry in our country need to integrate, through joint, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, and other means, to form some large enterprises, joint enterprise, so as to push forward the healthy development of industry.

With China's rapid economic development, people's living standards improve an increase in medical costs and an aging population, strengthening the development of new drugs, the pace of the medical security system reform to speed up and the expansion of medical insurance for urban residents, plastic packaging industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. In addition the quality of plastic packaging materials and packaging in China are significantly lower than international level. In developed countries, plastic packaging accounts for 30% of the value of the plastic products, while China is less than 10% in the next few years will be China plastics packaging industry's rapid development period.

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