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What Kind Of Classification And Characteristics Does Multilayer Compound Independent Bag Have
Oct 15, 2018

The packaging of the product is called multilayer compliance self-supporting bag.Multi-layer compound self-support bag is a type of packaging bag that can stand up on the bottom. Its biggest characteristic is that it can stand up, which can extend the service life of the built-in products, enhance the visual effect of storage shelves in the warehouse, and it is portable and has the sealing property of fresh box.

Multi-layer composite self-support bags are mainly used in the packaging of juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled water, absorbable jelly, spices and other products, in addition to the food field, also widely used in packaging washing supplies, daily cosmetics, medical supplies.

According to the use situation of multi-layer compound self-support bag in the market, we can divide this type of packaging bag into five types:

1. Ordinary self-supporting bag

2. Self-supporting bag with suction nozzle

Zipper baggie

4. Imitation mouth type self-supporting bag

5. Shaped self-supporting bag

Multilayer composite self-supporting bag main ingredients of polyethylene (PE), nylon (NY), aluminum (AL), stretch film, polypropylene film (CPP film), using PE material can make the printing effect is good, don't rub off, with NY material can to minimize the oxygen permeability of the packaging, use AL aluminum metal mainly to cut off light and heat effect, the inside is a CPP film, CPP (Retort CPP, RCPP) cooking level, and LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVG compared to the other films such as lower cost and higher yield.Higher stiffness than PE films.Good resistance between water and odor.Multifunctional, can be used as a composite film.It can be metallized.As food and commodity packing and outer packing, it has excellent demonstration and can make the product visible under the packing.These different materials will be used in scientific proportion composite use, and finally achieve the goal of safe packaging and standing requirements.

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