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About flexible packaging production of important links cut
Feb 04, 2019

Cutting operation is an important link in the production of flexible packaging. The quality of cutting will directly affect the quality of bag-making and automatic packaging film.For automatic packaging film, cutting is the last link of its production, the quality of cutting film directly affects the user on the machine, and for t-bag products, cutting is the first process of making bags, if the cutting quality is not good, it will directly affect the quality of t-bag.Sometimes, the whole batch of products will be scrapped due to the mistake of cutting.Therefore, in the production process of flexible packaging, cutting is not negligible.

Simply put, cutting is a certain width of the film or composite materials through the role of the knife cut into a number of equal width or unequal width product process.On the surface, cutting and relative printing, composite, such as working procedure is relatively simple, but only to fully understand the importance of cutting, fully grasp the essence of cutting and to minimize consumption, guarantee the best product quality, to fully meet customer demand, to bag making process quality of the products provide the most reliable guarantee.

With the extensive promotion of automatic packaging equipment in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, drug packaging, etc., these automatic packaging machines are very picky about the quality requirements of the material after cutting, which will give cutting to high-grade, high-precision control has brought a broad space for development.


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