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  • For volatile drying ink, the solvent used can be divided into the following three categories:
    1. true solvent.There is a solution in this kind of ink polymer resin solvent for the resin of the true solvent.
    2. Cosolvent.It cannot dissolve t……
    Feb 12
  • Printed manuscript is an important part of packaging design. In many cases, the design of packaging application is the design of printing pattern.……
    Feb 10
  • 1. Specification and dimensional deviation requirements, including various dimensional deviation indexes of bag and membrane……
    Feb 08
  • Compared with traditional hard cans such as metal and glass, high-temperature cooking bags have the following characteristics:
    1. the thickness of packaging materials is small, because the heat transfer can shorten the sterilization time.Therefo……
    Feb 06
  • Cutting operation is an important link in the production of flexible packaging. The quality of cutting will directly affect the quality of bag-making and automatic packaging film.……
    Feb 04
  • Many customers are the first time to contact the vacuum packaging machine, when consulting will ask, what material of the bag is suitable for vacuum packaging?In fact, the key is to see whether the bag of this material is suitable for their own packa……
    Feb 02
  • Basically, the judgment of packaging and printing must depend on people's eyes. Human eyes can accomplish many things that cannot be accomplished by instruments, such as looking at the whole package, judging the overall decoration effect, determining……
    Jan 31
  • Thermal sealing is the use of external conditions (electric heating, high frequency voltage and ultrasonic, etc.) to plastic film sealing parts into a viscous flow state, with the help of tool pressure to film fusion into one, after cooling to mainta……
    Jan 29
  • 1. In order to ensure correct scanning and reading, the printed barcode shall be neat and clear with no obvious defects and no residual black spots (stains) in the blank. Usually, the maximum diameter of the defects and stains shall not be greater th……
    Jan 27
  • Plastic gravure printing ink is a mixture of dispersed liquid, the key to the production of components can be fully mixed and dispersed evenly.The basic process of plastic ink includes:……
    Jan 25
  • There are two ways to make composite flexible packaging bags.……
    Jan 23
  • Green packaging should generally have four aspects of connotation:
    (1) the most provincial materials, the least waste, and save resources and energy:
    (2)Easy to recycle and recycle:
    (3) waste combustion produces new energy without seco……
    Jan 22
  • Nearly two billion 5p plastic bags were sold in the last financial year, figures from the government show.……
    Dec 27
  • As the Christmas holiday arrives and people around the world celebrate and share gifts, China is no exception.……
    Dec 24
  • The printing method of packaging bag……
    Dec 17
  • The company that produces Jimmy Dean meat products is recalling tens of thousands of sausage links because they may contain metal fragments.……
    Dec 13
  • WASHINGTON - China's further opening-up to international trade and investment will help enhance its economic growth and stability as the country is transitioning to a stage of high-quality development, International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief economis……
    Dec 10
  • Editor's note: President Xi Jinping met with US President Donald Trump in Argentina on Saturday. According to the news releases issued after their meeting, both sides have agreed to suspend any tariff escalations and to intensify their efforts at neg……
    Dec 05
  • The function and advantage of vacuum packing bag……
    Nov 30
  • Food packaging bag printing must pay attention to the selection of quality ink, both good printing performance, a very good adhesion, and a certain degree of color expression, which is food packaging bag printing ink selection criteria.……
    Nov 28
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