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  • Organic Fertilizer Packaging Bags

    Packaging for sugar, flour, powders and similar products require excellent barrier to prevent caking of the product, excellent puncture resistance and package integrity. Kuayue Printing offers roll-stock films, bags and pouches that engineered to seal through contamination as...
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  • Pink Transparent Zipper Bag

    All bags can be produced with regular zip locks, slide zippers, or Velcro closures depending on your company’s and customer’s preference.
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  • Special Shape Mask Bag

    Physical and mechanical properties of packaging bags This includes tensile strength and elongation at break, reflecting the product's ability to withstand stretching during use.If unqualified, food packaging bags are easy to break and damage during use.
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  • Garbage Bag Packaging Bag

    The quad seal bag consists of four sealing edges, which are like two pieces of film sticking together to seal the four sides.
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  • T-shirt Packaging Plastic Bag

    Type of composite bag
    General transport packaging bags
    Packing bags of weight in the range of 0.5-100kg, most of which are fabric bags made of vegetable or synthetic resin fibers, or multi-layer material packing bags made of several layers of flexible...
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  • Clothes Zipper Clear Window Bag

    The bag making of compound bag
    Composite flexible packaging materials must be made into various packaging bags before they can be used.There are two ways to make bags. One is that the packaging manufacturer USES the film roll to fill the automatic packaging machine and...
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  • Plastic Bag For Underwear

    Definition of composite bag:
    Composite packaging is a combination of two or more materials through one or more dry composite processes, thus forming a composite packaging with certain functions.It can be divided into basic layer, functional layer and thermal seal...
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  • Stand up Liquid Pouches

    Take your liquid product packaging to the next level and beyond using stand up pouches. Your products will stand up and stand out from your competition by providing retailers new opportunities that visually stand out while providing superior protection and positively adding...
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