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Dog Food Packaging That Ensures Freshness Customers who want to attract dogs into their yards need dog food that is delicious and fresh. Your typical pet treat bag cat food packaging uses flimsy plastic that leaves the treats exposed to problems like puncture holes, air, UV light, moisture, and odor. The dog food packaging that we offer uses multiple layers of barrier film that been laminated together. Alone, one of these layers wouldn't do much. Combined, they create a dog food stand up bag that maintains freshness and will leave dogs and customers both pleased.
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Details of Products:


pet foil zipper bags



Material    Structure:

PET/AL/PA/PE -- 0.15mm



Carton size:


Sealing &    Handle:

Heat seal

Pallet size:



Dry dog food



Unit price(FOB):

USD 0.28



Cylinder cost:


Quantity/ 20'FCL:



Pet food bag product introduction 

(I) material: the PET food packaging bag is made of 4-layer aluminum coated composite packaging material (PET/VMPET/PA/PE), all of which are food-grade materials. This structure has excellent barrier and fragrance.In recent years, our company is committed to the development of PET food packaging bags, using PET as the outer layer, which ensures the durability of PET food.

(2) bag-type: it adopts four-sided sealing side to seal the organ bag, with beautiful appearance and convenient storage.

(3) printing: color gravure high-speed printing machine, which can be designed and printed according to customer requirements.The printing pattern is exquisite, deeply receives the domestic and overseas customer's favor.

(4) capacity: made according to the customer's requirements.We can make such as 100 g capacity of small bag, at the same time bearing can be made up to more than 10 kg of large bag, bag type diversity, containing self-supporting zipper bag, four edge-sealing bag, seal bag type, etc., in different forms can be produced according to customer's requirements and specifications of the bags, product by GB and ASTM standard test, accord with the European Union and North America the most stringent environmental standards of packaging material.

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